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The Southern California Federation of Scientists, SCFS, was formed to meet the responsibility of scientists and engineers in promoting the welfare of humanity and the achievement and maintenance of world peace. Modern technological developments have brought into focus the need for more active social and political participation by technical people. SCFS is an interdisciplinary organization of scientists, engineers, scholars and concerned citizens dedicated to providing independent scientific and technical analyses and expertise on issues affecting Science, Society and Public Policy. SCFS welcomes all persons who are concerned that science and technology be used to enhance the human condition.

Southern California Federation of Scientists
“Science in the Public Interest”
3318 Colbert Avenue, Suite 200
Los Angeles , CA 90066
(310)390-3898 (voice or fax);


Southern California Federation of Scientists

“Science in the Public Interest”

3318 Colbert Avenue, Suite 200

Los Angeles, CA 90066

(310)390-3898 (voice or fax),

News and Meeting Announcement


News from June 2 meeting
          Victoria will continue badgering members for unpaid 2014 dues.
          Bob Furber pointed out that Thorium reactors are being considered to replace uranium, but Shel Plotkin pointed out that these also have a waste disposal problem.  Brian Lindquist believes that nuke waste can safely be disposed ≥ 5000 feet down with a concrete cover but Taylor Trowbridge says excess heat is a problem and Bob Nelson points out that geology ≥ 10,000 feet is very complex.
          Charles Fredricks says that Fukushima efforts are trying to prevent a large ocean area from contamination.  Brian Lindquist says a large local Japanese population has to move, as George Anno says that varying government positions on “safe” radiation exposure are confusing the entire issue.
          Roger Dittmann is attending science meetings in Sarajevo .
          Brittney Gallagher is redoing the SCFS website with parts being similar to the present website.  Brian Lindquist suggests that resumes plus distorted pictures be included.  Charles Fredricks says that the home page needs to include search engine optimization.  Taylor Trowbridge says that we need to make the website more attractive to get more viewers.  In this vein, Brittney will report her revision efforts at the July 7 meeting.  Subjects in the website discussion included how we open it to contributions from scientists around the world while protecting it from hacking and exposure to submissions by the lunatic fringe (chemtrails, 9/11, etc.). It was related that we could establish a review committee, consisting of an appointed group within SCFS or the membership at large to vote. Approved submissions would then be passed on to a webmaster for addition to the website.
          Bob Nelson says that reporters are being attacked and he’s sending two book reports by email to SCFS members for our edification.
          Brian asked who is going to provide oversight of our website.  Meanwhile Brittney will try to filter website submissions before posting.

                                                                      Next General Meeting:  Monday, July 7, 2014 at 7:30pm
                                                                                                    3318 Colbert Avenue      
                                                                        Los Angeles, CA 90066       (310)391-4223, (310)390-0306, (310)390-3898
          1).  Dues report.
          2).  Report by the SCFS enhanced website committee.
3).  New SCFS projects.
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