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The Southern California Federation of Scientists, SCFS, was formed to meet the responsibility of scientists and engineers in promoting the welfare of humanity and the achievement and maintenance of world peace. Modern technological developments have brought into focus the need for more active social and political participation by technical people. SCFS is an interdisciplinary organization of scientists, engineers, scholars and concerned citizens dedicated to providing independent scientific and technical analyses and expertise on issues affecting Science, Society and Public Policy. SCFS welcomes all persons who are concerned that science and technology be used to enhance the human condition.

Southern California Federation of Scientists
“Science in the Public Interest”
3318 Colbert Avenue, Suite 200
Los Angeles , CA 90066
(310)390-3898 (voice or fax);


Southern California Federation of Scientists

“Science in the Public Interest”

3318 Colbert Avenue, Suite 200

Los Angeles, CA 90066

(310)390-3898 (voice or fax),

News and Meeting Announcement

 News from July 7 meeting 

          There will be a Nina Byers Memorial on Sunday, August 3 at the home of Mary and Nabil Elgabalawi:
                   2829 Marengo Avenue
                   Altadena ,CA 91001
                   (626) 319 1953   
        John Bachar reviewed the Piketty book on inequality of income, wealth, and inheritance. He also emailed a 300 page synopsis covering capital and human labor.  After much discussion, it seems that the only good course of action would be to tax the rich.
          Roger Dittmann sent out a Wikipedia section of Nina Byers plus an article of hers entitled “A Cold-War Folly?” from a UCLA nuclear power seminar.
          Brittney Gallagher has a small committee to make changes in our website.
          Nabil Elgabalawi believes Shel Plotkin refused a KPFK time slot that Nina Byers negotiated; however, Shel doesn’t remember this.
          Roger Dittmann believes SCFS should make efforts to abolish capitalism and adopt something better  --  not specifying exactly what and/or how.
          Fred Blair will be sending out an eNewsletter from “Pacifica Radio in Exile”.  In summary, KPFK is a mess with no obvious prospects of recovering.  The people and structure of committees are in upheaval at the moment.  Not only will we not get our Wizard Show back on the air, but the entire network of Pacifica stations may go out of existence, either all or partially.                
                                                                                                -Shel Plotkin
                                                                      Next General Meeting:  Monday, August 4 at 7:30  p.m. at Shel’s house 
                                                                                                    3318 Colbert Avenue      
                                                                        Los Angeles, CA 90066       (310)391-4223, (310)390-0306, (310)390-3898
1)                Please see proposed agenda from Roger Dittmann, which he emailed to members on Sunday, 8/3 at 1:48 a.m.
2)                Please also see letter from Charles Fredricks to membership, being handed out at memorial and also being emailed to members.   

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