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The Southern California Federation of Scientists, SCFS, was formed to meet the responsibility of scientists and engineers in promoting the welfare of humanity and the achievement and maintenance of world peace. Modern technological developments have brought into focus the need for more active social and political participation by technical people. SCFS is an interdisciplinary organization of scientists, engineers, scholars and concerned citizens dedicated to providing independent scientific and technical analyses and expertise on issues affecting Science, Society and Public Policy. SCFS welcomes all persons who are concerned that science and technology be used to enhance the human condition.

Southern California Federation of Scientists
“Science in the Public Interest”
3318 Colbert Avenue, Suite 200
Los Angeles , CA 90066
(310)390-3898 (voice or fax);


Southern California Federation of Scientists

“Science in the Public Interest”

3318 Colbert Avenue, Suite 200

Los Angeles, CA 90066

(310)390-3898 (voice or fax),

August-September 2014 News and Meeting Announcement

 News from August 4 meeting

          Methods of nuclear waste disposal, including deep underground, were discussed by Brian Lindquist, Bob Furber, and Roger Dittmann. 

         Charles Fredricks says SCFS biologists and chemists are in short supply. Bob Nelson noted that and other groups have proposals for action.  John Bachar says that redistribution of wealth is required to solve any of our major problems. George Anno believes that SCFS should not present only one analysis and proposed action.  Charles and Bob (Nelson) think SCFS should form a speakers’ bureau on climate change.

          Brittney Gallagher thinks SCFS can promote speaking engagements, while Taylor Trowbridge noted that the Freeze Movement had a speakers’ bureau some years ago.  Brian Lindquist wants SCFS to present material publicly (somehow).  Bob Nelson proposed that 20 to 40 slides be available.  There will be a report at the September  1 meeting to discuss this matter further.

          A revised mission statement was presented by John Bachar with minor revisions being made.  This should be included in our website, which Brittney Gallagher thinks should be a new design including the mission statement.

          Shel Plotkin failed to report that our website by Tom Plotkin was pretty complete and easy to use as is.  Also that website was done as a personal favor, so if it changes, Tom will not participate.  Our present website wasn’t easy to construct and has some “tricky” aspects.   SCFS needs to devote considerable extra thought to this situation.

          Victoria thinks at the next meeting the group should nominate three to five projects and vote to choose one or two on which to begin taking action.   The world sorely needs the talent within the group and we are spinning our wheels. 


                                                                     Next General MeetingMonday, September 1, 2014 at 7:30pm
                                                                                                    3318 Colbert Avenue      
                                                                        Los Angeles, CA 90066       (310)391-4223, (310)390-0306, (310)390-3898
          1).  Dues report.
          2).  SCFS website discussion.
3).  New SCFS projects.
         4).  Additional announcements and agenda items.

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