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The Southern California Federation of Scientists, SCFS, was formed to meet the responsibility of scientists and engineers in promoting the welfare of humanity and the achievement and maintenance of world peace. Modern technological developments have brought into focus the need for more active social and political participation by technical people. SCFS is an interdisciplinary organization of scientists, engineers, scholars and concerned citizens dedicated to providing independent scientific and technical analyses and expertise on issues affecting Science, Society and Public Policy. SCFS welcomes all persons who are concerned that science and technology be used to enhance the human condition.

Southern California Federation of Scientists
“Science in the Public Interest”
3318 Colbert Avenue, Suite 200
Los Angeles , CA 90066
(310)390-3898 (voice or fax);


Southern California Federation of Scientists

“Science in the Public Interest”

3318 Colbert Avenue, Suite 200

Los Angeles, CA 90066

(310)390-3898 (voice or fax),

News and Meeting Announcement

News from March 3 meeting
2014 dues were received from only 11X members and Victoria will be contacting  the others.
John Bachar said that the wealthiest 1% have over $120T.  He also told us that his studies conclude that fare-less buses can easily supply mass transit.
Bob Furber says we are too glib regarding our needing more solar and wind energy than is practical, thus we need more conservation than is being considered
Brian Lindquist says that sulphur needs to be removed from gasoline and that hydrogen can be safely stored in containers under pressure.
Brittney Gallagher says that SCFS needs money to produce Wizard Shows while Brian Lindquist read a list of how KPFK can obtain funding, one of which would be applications to foundations for grants.
Bob Furber talked about large international scientific experiments.
Bob Nelson says that SCFS should write email letters to the authors of the LA Times power tower article to discuss technical aspects
Walt McCarron read the SCFS presentation, written by Dan Hirsch, for the Department of Energy meetings last week regarding clean-up of the Santa Susanna Field Laboratory, SSFL.
Brittney Gallagher will submit a proposal for doing SCFS website work.
Bob Nelson wants SCFS people to attend the ACLU lecture on Wednesday, March 12, at the CalTech Beckman Institute regarding expectations working on secret government projects.
Shel Plotkin read a letter written to the new KPFK station manager trying to get our Wizard Show back on the air.

Next General Meeting

Monday, April 7, 2014



3318 Colbert Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90066

(310)391-4223, (310)390-0306, (310)390-3898


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