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The Southern California Federation of Scientists, SCFS, was formed to meet the responsibility of scientists and engineers in promoting the welfare of humanity and the achievement and maintenance of world peace. Modern technological developments have brought into focus the need for more active social and political participation by technical people. SCFS is an interdisciplinary organization of scientists, engineers, scholars and concerned citizens dedicated to providing independent scientific and technical analyses and expertise on issues affecting Science, Society and Public Policy. SCFS welcomes all persons who are concerned that science and technology be used to enhance the human condition.

Southern California Federation of Scientists
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News from September meeting

          John Bachar is recovering from surgery.

          Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant has some new earthquake faults to consider.  Brian Lindquist relates that these were spelled out in the Peck report as published by the Associated Press and the Los Angeles Times.  Shel Plotkin contacted Dan Hirsch to find out that he is now working full time on the Diablo Canyon situation with two colleagues.  Dan will call on SCFS if there is anything he thinks we can do.  Charles Fredricks pointed out that the Diablo Canyon situation is very similar to that of Fukushima in Japan.

          Roger Dittmann says that the SCFS website should link to the Michael Peck Report, which is quite extensive.  Charles Fredricks also pointed out that CA has only the one nuclear power plant and can point out to the rest of the country how that can be eliminated and its electric power compensated for, pumped storage appearing to be the best.  Taylor Trowbridge pointed out that a Sierra Club report said that solar and wind energy can easily replace all 100 nuclear power plants in the U.S.

          Zak Sandler said that there is generally bad publicity for solar energy; however, Germany has decided to provide massive subsidies for solar as a matter of humanitarian principle, i.e,. providing for the future.

          At the next general meeting Charles Fredricks will present his new project on climate change.  Bob Furber will also compile his notes and provide a presentation for SCFS on the IPCC report.

Southern California Federation of Scientists

“Science in the Public Interest”

3318 Colbert Avenue, Suite 200

Los Angeles, CA 90066

(310)390-3898 (voice or fax),


Monday, October 6, 2014
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